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Snowy River Jewels Cocktail Salt-Glitter Pack

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Snowy River Cocktail Glitter-Salt Party Packs - Double the Fun!

Pack contains 1 x 4g glitter and 1 x 2oz cocktail salt bottle.

A Snowy River cocktail party pack provides you the benefit of a cocktail glitter and cocktail salt rimmer in the one pack. Use them together to make 15-20 stunning cocktails or use separately to decorate your favorite drinks. Either way, you have the color, the sparkle, and the fun to make your cocktails truly spectacular. Looking for recipe ideas then please check out our Cocktail Ideas page for Snowy River decorated cocktails you can enjoy at home.

Our Cocktail Glitter: Snowy River award-winning naturally colored cocktail glitter brings an amazing sparkle and shine to all your cocktails. Colored with all natural fruit and veg, our cocktail glitters are designed to be very lightly dusted on to the top of cocktails or stir in a smidgen to add amazing color and sparkle. Importantly, Snowy River cocktail glitters contain no preservatives, Kosher certified, and look amazing in vodka, tequila and other clear based cocktails. You can also create your own natural food coloring or naturally colored syrups using Snowy River cocktail glitter by simply mixing Snowy River cocktail glitter with water or oil to make the desired color. Alternatively blend with simple syrup to create your own fun range of colored syrups to use in your drinks.

Our Cocktail Salts: Here at Snowy River we create award-winning cocktail salt colors and blends. We use the finest Kosher salt and natural ingredients to ensure the brightest colors and a great salty taste that works great on margaritas and many other specialty cocktails. Our salts are simple and easy to use by home bartenders and come in a fun range of colors, blends and pack sizes. Used by hundreds of bars across the United States!

Color your cocktail world with Snowy River cocktail decorating products.

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