Add new flavors and subtle overones to your cocktails with Snowy River natural cocktail flavors.

Naturally derived water-based premium flavorings designed specifically for cocktail and mocktail use. Made from real natural ingredients (no synthetics), Snowy River cocktail flavors are GMO-free, Kosher-Certified and taste amazing. Importantly, we don’t use alcohol or oils in any of our blends which ensures that when you mix our flavors into your cocktails that we enhance the taste, fragrance and composition of the underlying cocktail. Our flavors can also be added to specialty cocktails, shots or other hot and cold drinks such as milk, sodas and coffee or anywhere a unique flavor profile is needed.

Key Features of our Cocktail Flavors:

Made from natural ingredients - GMO-Free & Kosher Certified - Water soluble and designed for Cocktails and Mocktails - Free of added sugars, salts, oils and alcohol - Proudly US made.

Snowy River offers a growing range of natural cocktail flavor options from our fruity favorites (lemon, orange, watermelon) to our party favorites such as rum raisin, peanut butter and salted caramel. For mocktails we feature alcohol based flavor profiles without any added alcohol content including vodka, bourbon, gin, tequila, dark coffee (Kahlua) and amaretto. Snowy River flavors are also great for use in baking, making desserts, cakes or anywhere natural flavor is needed.


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