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A cocktail is more than just taste, it's a whole experience which starts with the overall presentation and look of the cocktail through to the balance and texture of the drink. Importantly, the rimmer style and flavor needs to align to the overall taste and experience you are trying to achieve. Snowy River cocktail salt flakes have been crafted and designed by experienced bartenders and mixologists with a view to turning any cocktail into a true masterpiece. Their elegant look, cocktail paired taste and ease of application make Snowy River cocktail salt flakes a "must have" for home and professional bartenders alike.

Dress up your favorite margaritas - tequila based cocktails or shots - or any of your favorite cocktails. Use at home or create something elegant and eye-catching for your restaurant or bar. However, Snowy River salt flakes arent just for cocktails. Our salts work great on appetizers and entrees, salt fruit or vegetables, or use in various cooking applications. Our flake salts are naturally colored and contain no artificial colors or preservatives! 

Key Salt Flake Features include: 

  • Range of blends all naturally colored
  • The finest grade salts and ingredients
  • Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Certified Kosher
  • No synthetics or preservatives
  • Made in USA.

Snowy River cocktail salt flakes are available for wholesale and retail sale as well as in bulk and private label custom orders. From 6oz bottles through to 1/5/25lb bag options we have the range to suit any need. International enquires also welcome.


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