How to use Cocktail Glitter


The Essence of Cocktail Glitter

Snowy River is a leader in the manufacture of all natural cocktail glitters. We are constantly testing both in-lab as well as in our own bars, to formulate the best cocktail glitters for use in a wide variety of applications. Our glitters are allergen free, Kosher certified and unlike others in the market, are naturally colored using real fruit and veg.

We manufacture glitters based upon the underlying pH of the alcohol itself and as such have glitters designed specifically for cocktails, beer and wine. For those wanting color but not sparkle, then our all natural beverage colors are a great natural choice.

Ingredients in Cocktail Glitter

The basic ingredients in Snowy River cocktail glitter is mica and natural food color. We manufacture our own food colors using real fruit and veg. Ingredients such as Turmeric, Red Radish, Beet Root and others ensure that our cocktail glitters are synthetic and preservative free. We don't believe in dumping chemicals into drinks and so we focus only on all-natural ingredients that give you great color but don't change the taste.

Snowy River uses food grade mica approved and regulated by the FDA in the production of its cocktail glitters.  Mica is a mineral name given to a group of minerals that are physically and chemically similar.  They are all silicate minerals and in fact there are 37 different types of mica. While there are some industrial uses for mica, food grade mica is broadly used across the US in many foods such as cakes, candies, jellies, chewing gum, as well as in other general household items such as toothpaste. Importantly, Snowy River cocktail glitters are Kosher certified and subject to strict ethical and clarity sourcing guidelines. 

Gold Cocktail Glitter

Turquoise Cocktail Glitter


How to use Cocktail Glitter

When decorating any cocktail, it is important to know that each type of alcohol has a different pH as well as viscosity and gravitational weight based upon a number of factors including sugar level. Snowy River products are extensively tested in-house and are designed for use in alcohol based drinks but also look great in mocktails and soda based beverages (not designed for straight water).

To get the desired color and sparkle you are after, feel free to use a little or a lot of our products. We recommend you make a shot glass size of any cocktail first while you are testing out your new cocktail decorating skills and then expand to larger glasses once you have the desired look you want. Our cocktail glitters and beverage colors (glitter free) will not alter the flavor of the drink being decorated but may have slight color variation between different types of cocktails depending on the blend you are working with.

cocktail glitters

How much Cocktail Glitter to Use?

The amount of cocktail glitter needed depends on a number of factors including the type of effect you are looking for, the amount of sugar in the cocktail (or drink) and the underlying color of the cocktail itself. Clear cocktails such as a vodka and tequila don't need much color to effect a change. However, if the cocktail already has a color itself (eg bourbon) we recommend using a cocktail glitter that will compliment the underlying cocktail. 

We recommend the following amounts of cocktail glitter as a starting point. Again, we recommend you make a small sample of your cocktail, get the color you want, and then scale up in batches. A little cocktail glitter goes a long way.

Drink 5g Glitter 1oz Glitter 2oz Glitter
Soda 20-25 glasses 100-140 glasses 200-280 glasses
Martini/Cocktail 20-25 glasses 100-140 glasses 200-280 glasses
Wine 15-20 glasses 80-100 glasses 160-200 glasses
Champagne 15-20 glasses 80-100 glasses 160-200 glasses
Beer (Pint) 8-10 glasses 40-50 pints 80-100 pints


For larger volumes, Snowy River can supply in 1lb, 10lb, 50lb and larger bag quantities. Private label programs also available.


Quick cocktail glitter decorating tips:

1) The higher the sugar content of any cocktail the more the sparkle and dazzle (don't use cocktail glitter in water). If you want more effect either add more glitter or change your cocktail blend to include a sugar schnapps, syrup or other blend to increase viscosity.

2) Cocktail glitters must be stirred into a cocktail. Over time they will gradually settle if left untouched in a cocktail (color wont change) - a quick stir and they come back to life.

3) Cocktail glitter colors may vary slightly in different alcohols and cocktail blends due to the pH of each drink.

4) Cocktail glitters are all natural and wont change the flavor of the cocktail.

5) Store cocktail glitters in a sealed container away from direct light.

6) Wine and beer glitters are also available and are specifically designed for those alcohol types.


More Cocktail Glitter Questions?

Need more information or guidance for specific cocktails or an event? Then please contact us and we would be delighted to help.





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