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Snowy River Cocktails is a multi-year award winning manufacturer of all-natural cocktail decorating products. It is our focus on quality, on natural products, and on the color and range of our products which sets Snowy River apart. From our Washington facility we create our products from scratch ensuring you the freshest and finest quality products we can manufacture.

Snowy River loves working with wholesale customers both in terms of product supply, menu support or in creating a custom designed program for their next commercial event. We actively work with hundreds of leading bars, restaurants, casino, hotels and other commercial accounts in various channels both in the United States, Canada, and the rest of the World. 

Working with Snowy River on a wholesale basis is easy as we have built pricing deals into our everyday prices. So in other words, the more you order the more you save on all products. We don't have minimum order sizes for bars or restaurants and we can customize a monthly delivery to ensure stress free inventory management. Here are our savings:

Order 3-5 of any Sku and save 10%

Order 6-10 of any Sku and save 20%

Order 11 or more of any Sku and save 40%

For our wholesale accounts we also offer shipping direct to you or to your Amazon FBA account. Please contact us for more details.



 Interested in a private label program or have products shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse?

Please contact us for more information!

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