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Snowy River Bourbon Mocktail Flavoring (1x1Fl Oz)

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All Natural Mocktail Flavors - All the Taste without the Added Alcohol*

Add new flavors and subtle overtones to your cocktails with Snowy River natural alcohol inspired mocktail flavors.

100% natural mocktail flavoring designed specifically for cocktail and mocktail use with the full flavor profile but with no added alcohol. Made from real ingredients, Snowy River mocktail flavors are GMO-free, Kosher, and taste amazing. Importantly, we don't add any extra alcohol in any of our blends which ensures that when you mix our flavors into your cocktails that we enhance the taste, fragrance and composition of the underlying cocktail. Our flavors can also be added to specialty cocktails, shots or other hot and cold drinks such as milk, sodas and coffee or anywhere a unique flavor profile is needed.

Key Features of our Mocktail Flavors:

Made from natural ingredients - Certified Kosher & GMO-Free - Water soluble and designed for cocktails, mocktails and other drinks - Free of added sugars, salts and alcohol - Proudly US made.

Snowy River offers a growing range of alcohol flavored profiles including vodka, bourbon, gin, tequila, rum raisin, dark coffee (Kahlua) and amaretto. Also great for use in baking, making desserts, cakes or anywhere natural flavoring is needed.

Why Snowy River Cocktail Flavors?

Snowy River is a Washington-based award-winning company focused exclusively on the manufacture of cocktail and mocktail decorating products. We test and test and test again using experienced bartenders and mixologists across the US to develop a range of products that not only taste great but are versatile and easy to use. We believe in helping professional and home bartenders to craft the perfect cocktail or mocktail the way they want. From our cocktail sugars, to salts, to glitters and flavors we are your true natural cocktail decorating companion.

Simply add a few drops of Snowy River mocktail flavoring to any cocktail or mocktail to add flavor and fragrance. We recommend you start with a 2-3 drops and then increase to desired desired taste. Our flavorings are full flavored and typically need only small amounts to impart the flavor without overpowering the cocktail its being added to. To finish add Snowy River cocktail glitter for added sparkle and color.

*Flavoring contains traces of natural alcohol but no additional alcohol is added.

Pro Tip: Create super versatile, tasteful, fragrant cocktail syrups by adding Snowy River cocktail flavor to sugar syrups (2 part sugar: 1 part water). If you are also looking for added color and sparkle, we recommend you add a smidgen of Snowy River cocktail glitter along with the cocktail flavor for just spectacular taste and visual results. Note: Snowy River cocktail flavors are not intended for chocolate flavoring.

Additional Details

Propylene Glycol and Natural Flavors.

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