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cocktail toppers

Stunning Cocktail Toppers - Let us design your perfect topper!

Send us your photos, logos or images and we will create the perfect topper for you. Simply order the promo topper below.


Snowy River Cocktail Toppers are the perfect finish to any cocktail. Made from corn-based baking fondant and edible food ink, these cocktail toppers are fun, vibrant and ready to set the mood at any occasion. Snowy River Cocktail Toppers come in a growing range of designs plus we can also customize designs for you. Please select the promotional topper and simply email us your logo or image. Cocktail toppers work with a large range of cocktails as well as on milkshakes, smoothies, for cake decorating and anywhere some extra fun is wanted.

For the absolute finish, use Snowy River cocktail sugar or salt to the rim of the glass prior to adding your drink and the cocktail topper. Check out our large range before you check out. Enjoy!

snowy river cocktail toppers
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