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Snowy River Cocktail Toppers Wreath (1x6Pack)

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Cocktail Toppers - the Perfect Cocktail Message!

Amazing and super fun for promo events or parties

Snowy River Cocktail Toppers are the perfect finish to any cocktail. Made from corn-based baking fondant and edible food ink, these cocktail toppers are fun, vibrant and ready to set the mood at any occasion. Snowy River Cocktail Toppers come in a growing range of designs plus we can also customize designs for you. Please select the promotional topper and simply email us your logo or image.

Cocktail toppers work with a large range of cocktails as well as on milkshakes, smoothies, for cake decorating or anywhere some extra fun is wanted. In essence, they can be used on any drink but they look best when placed on top of foam or cream based layers.

Tips for Best Cocktail Topper Results

To use, make your cocktail and gently peal* the topper from the sheet and place the cocktail topper flat, face up, on the top of the cocktail foam - do not submerge. Given that toppers are made from fondant, they will gradually absorb the moisture but they should remain on top of the foam if left undisturbed. (*If you are finding it difficult to lift the topper from the backing paper then place the toppers in a freezer for a few minutes which will make it easier to peel off).

For best results, avoid ice in the cocktail as the ice may cause an uneven fluid level onto which you lie the topper. Uneven fluid levels may cause parts of the topper to submerge thus reducing the visual appeal. We always leave the topper on the foam in its original position and provide customers a straw to consume their drink so the visual appeal of the topper remains throughout. Toppers can be removed from drinks after serving using a spoon or can be left on the foam and will simply be left as icing residue at the base of the glass when done. Stirring the drink once served is not ideal as it will cause the topper to be blended into the cocktail which will sweeten the cocktail and change its texture and color. Toppers are fondant based so will have a sweet cake-icing flavor if tasted.

Cocktail Toppers are made from fondant and have the following ingredients: Tapioca Starch, Corn Syrup Solids, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sugar, Water, Glycerin, Canola Oil, Poly-Glycerol Esters, Titanium Dioxide, Algin, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Soy Lecithin. Contains SOY. Toppers may be pre-cut to size as needed for different size glasses (original size is 3x3”).

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