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Snowy River Made to Order Cocktail Sugar (1x5lb)

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Need a customized cocktail sugar rimmer? Talk to us today to blend any of our amazing colors into a blend for your team, your corporate office, or just your favorite colors. Either way, we have the range and quality you need for a customized cocktail sugar for your next event. Available in small sizes or in bulk.

The perfect drink is not complete until finished with Snowy River all natural cocktail sugar rimmers. Made from the finest sugars and available in a variety of handy pack sizes and flavors, Snowy River cocktail sugar rimmers can turn an everyday event into a true party! Here at Snowy River we love our sugars and what our customers can do with them. We use the finest sugars to ensure even application to the rim of any glass - dress up your favorite margarita - your favorite cocktails - or add flair to any party. And don't forget to add our chocolate or party treat rimmers to your kids parties or to turn a an average desert into a masterpiece. Snowy River cocktail sugar contains no artificial colors or preservatives and our flavors are amazing! To apply Snowy River cocktail rimmers, apply some rimmer syrup, lemon, lime or egg white evenly around the rim of the glass and then dip the glass into the cocktail rimmer. For chocolate rimmer stick with rimmer syrup or egg whites to get the perfect effect. For a deeper effect, coat the top 1 inch of the glass and then dim in cocktail rimmer, or simply play around to get your perfect look. Snowy River cocktail sugar rimmers are used in professional bars and pubs, but are also great for the home or anytime you need to add some real spark to your glass!

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