Falling For Autumn

Falling For Autumn

Published by Snowy River Bellingham on Oct 7th 2020

Snowy River Cocktail Recipes: Falling For Autumn

Looking for the perfect sit by the fire cocktail to warm those chilly nights? Then the Falling for Autumn cocktail with its scotch, honey and all spice dram is sure to hit the spot. Designed by Erin Gill and the  Snowy River Bellingham bartending team as part of their 2020 Fall Cocktail series.


  • 1.5oz = Scotch Whisky
  • 0.75oz = Honey
  • 0.75oz = Lemon Juice
  • 0.25oz = All Spice Dram
  • 0.25oz = Ginger Liqueur
  • Snowy River copper cocktail glitter
  • Snowy River copper cocktail sugar

Cocktail Recipe:

  • Pre-rim half the glass with Snowy River copper cocktail sugar rimmer using simple syrup (for a thicker rim) as the binding agent.
  • Fill shaker with ice to chill.
  • Add all ingredients to shaker, stir and then strain into a Martini glass. 
  • Add lemon twist to garnish (optional)

Enjoy! Always drink responsibly.

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