All American G&T

All American G&T

Published by Snowy River Cocktails on May 6th 2019

Snowy River Cocktail Decorating Recipes:

Get ready to celebrate and show your patriotism with this stunning All American G&T. This is your typical old G&T favorite decorated with Snowy River 4th July cocktail salt and all natural blue beverage color - lots of color and sparkle for Independence Day or any other event.


  • Your favorite Gin 3 oz.
  • Tonic Water 4oz.
  • Bar Ice Cubes.
  • Snowy River Blue Beverage Color.
  • Snowy River 4th July Cocktail Salt.

How To:

  • Pre-rim the glass with Snowy River 4th July cocktail salt using lemon/lime or egg white (for a thicker rim) as the binding agent.
  • Fill glass with ice to chill.
  • Add Gin and Tonic to the glass.
  • Stir in a smidgen of Snowy River blue beverage color.
  • Serve while cocktail glitter is moving to maximize effect

Enjoy! Always drink responsibly.

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