Snowy River Sapphire Cocktail Syrup (1x4oz)

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Colored Syrups for Cocktails - Simply Add Water!

Add new colors or layers to your cocktails with Snowy River natural colored cocktail syrups.

Naturally colored cocktail syrups designed for coloring or layering cocktails, mocktails and sodas. Made from the finest sugars and real natural fruit and veg colorants (no synthetics), Snowy River cocktail syrups are GMO-free, Kosher-Certified and add a sweet taste sensation to any cocktail. Importantly, we don’t use synthetics or oils in any of our syrups which ensures that you get strong rich colors without the chemical residue often associated with synthetic simple syrups. Snowy River syrups are designed to compliment the taste, color and composition of the underlying cocktail. Our syrups can also be added to specialty cocktails, shots or mix into milk, sodas and other drinks or anywhere a unique color profile is needed.

Key Features of our Cocktail Syrups:

Made from natural ingredients including real fruit and veg colorants - GMO-Free & Kosher Certified - Mixes quickly and simply in water and designed for cocktails and other beverages - Free of added salts, fats, chemicals, oils and alcohol - Proudly US made.

Snowy River offers a growing range of natural cocktail syrups with a color to meet any of the needs you may have. Our syrups also pair perfectly with our range of cocktail flavors to create new colorful yet frangrant cocktail blends. Snowy River cocktail syrups are also great for use as a simple syrup in baking, making desserts, cakes or pur onto ice-cream for a naturally colored sweet treat.

Why Snowy River Cocktail Syrups?

Snowy River is a Washington-based award-winning company focused exclusively on the manufacture of cocktail decorating products. We test, test and test again using experienced bartenders and mixologists across the US to develop a range of products that taste great, look amazing, while being versatile, natural, and easy to use. We believe in helping professional and home bartenders craft the perfect cocktail everytime. From our cocktail sugars, to salts, glitters and flavors, all our products are designed to work together to create the perfect cocktail every time. Snowy River is your true natural cocktail decorating companion and we are proud to be featured by many leading bars and restaurants across the US.

Snowy River cocktail syrups are formulated to be mixed when ready to use - simply add hot water, shake well and you are ready to go. Our syrups in bottle typically provide a 2:1 sugar to water ratio so for more thickness or more intense color simply add less water. Once mixed, simply pour a few drops of Snowy River cocktail syrup into to any cocktail to create new layers or mix to blend. We recommend you start with a small amount of syrup, stir in fully, and then increase the amount of syrup to obtain the desired taste and visual experience. Our syrups are full bodied, water-soluble and typically need only small amounts to impart the color and sweet flavor without overpowering the underlying cocktail.

Snowy River cocktail syrups have a 3yr life span while in their dry form. Once water is added, we recommend you use the syrup within 7 days of mixing and store in a refridgerator once mixed. Discard after 7days.

Pro Tip: Create super versatile, tasteful, fragrant cocktail syrups by adding Snowy River cocktail flavor to our cocktail syrups. If you are also looking for added color and sparkle, we recommend you pre-rim your cocktail glass with Snowy River cocktail sugar rimmers with a rimmer color to match even syrup we have available.

Additional Details

Sugar, Mica Pearlescent, and Fruit Juice.

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