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 Cocktails Geared to Your Event!

Cocktail decorating at promo events has become a hot new trend in the promotional world. Here at Snowy River Cocktails we are proud to be part of key corporate events such as the NY Fashion Show through the provision of a range of products that are perfect to add some real flair to your next event. Importantly, our products are award-winning, all-natural and look and taste amazing.


Snowy River offers a range of fun, colorful product ideas so you can fully customize your cocktails and gifts at your next event.

Cocktail Sugars, Salts and Glitters – Available in a large range of colors or blends to match your corporate logo, sporting team or social event. Simply send us your logo and we will make a cocktail or cocktail rimmer to match.

Cocktail Toppers – Our toppers sit neatly on the top of your cocktails with either your logo or image of your choice. Made from fondant, these cocktail toppers are food color printed and look amazing for birthdays, corporate events, or seasonal parties such as Halloween.

Cocktail Decorating Kits – The perfect corporate take-home gift fully branded with your logo. We add your logo to every tin so that your brand is promo1.pngalways front and center. Each kit contains a cocktail recipe along with Snowy River decorating products so your guests can make amazing cocktails at home.


Please contact us for more details and pricing on our various promotional options. We look forward to adding some cocktail color and buzz at your next corporate event and supporting your brand to be the toast of the town!


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